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Lyons-Decatur Northeast

School News

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Learning the Constitution

The Second and Third Grades enjoyed learning about the Constitution on Constitution Day.  

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Second Grade Loves to Read

2nd Grade Loves Reading!

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2nd Grade Spotlight on Success

The top 10 things about vacation: 10.spending time with family 9. seeing Mr. Clark 8.reading books 7.sitting on Santa’s lap 6.hot cocoa . . .

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Looking for a Good Turkey Recipe?

These Second Graders have been busy writing down their secret turkey recipes.  Check them out!   Elise's Turkey Recipe Ingredients 1. salt 2. pepper 3. turkey 4. butter 5. apples 6. gravy Preheat the oven . . .

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Second Graders Learn About School Workers

My school worker is Mrs. Brokaw. Her job is 4th  - 8th grade resource teacher. Her responsibility  is to help students. She went to college for four years. She has to like kids. Arianne and Keith My school worker is Mr. . . .

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A Cultural Experience

Second and Third Graders were invited to Omaha Nation School for a cultural visit.  Upon arriving, students were greeted by Miss Pat Phillips.  She took the students to her classroom to explain some of her daily routine with her . . .

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Did you brush and floss today?

Dr. Christine Dregalla and Tiffany, a dental assistant, took time to visit Preschool through Third Grade last week.  They discussed the importance of eating healthy foods, brushing and flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly. . . .

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Look Who Works at our School!

Check out these school workers.

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A Visit to Derek's Farm

Thanks to Corey and Stacie Petersen, the Second Grade Class learned more about life on the farm.  We learned about machinery, products made from corn, and even got a tote bag from CVA that was filled with information and a ruler made . . .

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Look Where the Second Grade Went

Lyons Post Office We asked three questions to Mr. Kevin Tonjes, who works at the Lyons Post Office. They have 320 post office boxes. They have three workers. People buy stamps and mail packages there. Truly, Mr. Kevin Tonjes has a good . . .

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Second Grade Community Field Trip

First National Bank Northeast We asked Mr. Haskell three questions about the First National Bank Northeast. The drive through opens at 8:00 to 4:00 and the bank opens from 9:00 to 3:00. His job is taking care of operations and people. . . .

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Second and Third Grade Report on Presidents

To honor Presidents' Day, Second and Third Graders worked together to research the president of their choice.  Each group wrote a report, created a powerpoint, and presented their findings to the lower elementary grades.   A . . .

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Have you ever seen a mermaid's purse?

What have swum the seas for millions of years, has rows of teeth that can be replaced in about 24 hours, has cartilage and no bone, has a brain located near its stomach, and can lay eggs encased in a sack called a mermaid's purse?  A . . .

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Way to Go Readers!

The Second Graders teamed up with Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning and Scholastic Books to read over 100 books. They took part in a ClassroomsCare program designed to teach children about reading and giving. Classes around the country have . . .

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Second Grade Highlights

Learning about the food pyramid, making homemade lemonade, and traveling to the fire station kept us busy last week.  Check out these pictures.   Also, thank you to Mrs. Beutler and Mr. Anderson's mentoring class for . . .

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Do You Know Your Hawaiian Name?

Did you know these facts about Hawaii? We learned all of these and more while reading Luka's Quilt.   Hawaii is really the tops of volcanoes that are millions of years old. In 1778, British explorer James Cook . . .

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Did you know this school worker?

Article written by Second Grade Class.

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Sharing a Story

Second Graders were guest readers in the afternoon Preschool class.  They read their reading story, Henry and Mudge, and got to know their partners a little bit better.  A story and a new friend, what a great way to end the week!

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2nd graders are into..


Second graders visited the band in order to get ideas to make their own musical instruments. Mr. Rose helped them direct and experience directing the high school band. The class made instruments and presented them by making up a short song . . .

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