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Lyons-Decatur Northeast


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Students at Lyons-Decatur have been traveling the world!

Video Conferencing at Lyons-Decatur Northeast

Students talking and listening to a class in Guatemala

Video Conferencing at Lyons-Decatur Northeast

Through the magic of Video Conferencing technology students at Lyons-Decatur have been making contacts with people in several states and even foreign countries.  The Video Conferencing technology allows students to meet and talk in real time using mobile DL carts equipped with 52” flat screen TVs. The programs have included

          -  an international program called “Read Around the Planet”  7th and 8th grade students visited with students in Guatemala.  Students were able to ask many questions concerning things like culture, weather, and school.

          - 4th grade students recently were able to “visit” Homestead National Monument to learn about the Homestead Act and the life of early pioneers in Nebraska.

          - 8th and 11th grade students were able to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Air and Space.  Docents at the museum presented a history of US space travel and were able to show students some of the actual space capsules used by the early astronauts.

          - 12th Grade students viewed a presentation by Dr. Nathan Wolfe.  This presentation originated from the Perot Museum in Fort Worth Texas.  Dr. Wolfe is known as a “virus hunter”.  He has discovered many previously unknown viruses and has worked on mapping the genetic nature of the viruses.  The goal is to prevent diseases that these viruses might cause and to find other viruses that may be used for beneficial uses.

         - Programs scheduled for the near future include the chemistry class visiting Bamfield Marine Science Center in British Columbia, Canada. Students will learn about human impact on our oceans and the acidification being caused by the increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

         -8th graders are also scheduled to talk to Clint “Pecos” Perkins. This presentation will come from the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  Mr. Perkins is a storm chaser who will discus and show pictures of his encounters with tornadoes.


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