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Something to Talk About!

The music department has many special classes for students to participate and add into their lives. In the music department there are three classes students in 9-12, one that 7-12, and one that is only Junior High can be involved in. The four main classes that the high school can be involved in is High school choir, Music Technology, and Music Appreciation. Junior High is involved in Junior High Choir. And this year we have made a big change and combined the 7th and 8th grade band with the 9-12 band! Even though the High Schoolers may be intimidating the Junior High has held their weight. I would recommend anyone in 7-12 to join the music department, because it is a good life  experience, and if you chose not to continue to be in music after college thats okay! For me I am involved in High School Choir, 7-12 Band, and Music Technology. I can say that our of the three my favorite is Choir because I love to sing and Choir in school is an outlet for me to sing and it has helped me build up my confidence in singing in front of people and has helped with my vocal range. Also my second favorite is Music Technology because before I started the class I had no idea how to play the piano, and I had a hard time figuring out my Treble clef and now I can not only play piano on the Ipad, I can play songs on a regular piano, and I think thats pretty cool.  High School is a great experience on its own but joining the Music Department will make it even better!

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