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In Music Technology we do many things, but the most fun thing we do in this class is learn songs on the ipad. But how is this? We use the GarageBand application. GarageBand is a apple product software. When using the ipad you can choose an instrument to play like keyboard, guitar, percussion and string instrument. Each category has different ones that sound different. As an example, if you choose keyboard you can choose it to sound like classic piano or a rock synthesizer. You can even use the smart instruments and it plays for you. It is a simplified version of playing instruments. An example is you can play bass  with the strings on the ipad  or you can use smart music to play the chords if you don't really know how to play.  

   On GarageBand, you can record your voice, or anything on the instruments. Many famous people have used GarageBand to record full CD’s. It can be fun to mess around with in free time. It has many types of loops to use when you record to make fun music. Recording can come in handy when you want to make up a song and want to keep it or if you have to record a speech or something. You can even change the sound of your voice so it sounds really high or really low.
We picked three songs so far to perform using GarageBand this year. These songs are Sail, Same Love, and Thriller. I played drums on Sail, keyboard synthesiser in Same Love, and Melody on classic piano keyboard in Thriller. We are now working on Country music for the chili supper concert. So if you want to come out and check out how we use GarageBand and support the music department, come to the Chili Feed on February 25 at 7:00 p.m.  The theme for the evening is ”Country Music:  It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Twang!”

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