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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Written by freshman Marcus Hegy

What do you think of when you hear the word homecoming? Usually dancing and  talking to friends, right? Wrong. This year's homecoming was nothing like that. Instead, it was all about basketball, volleyball and Dance, Dance Revolution. Homecoming had many things going on, so I asked what people thought of it, what their favorite thing was, and how the volleyball tournament went.

This homecoming was completely different from past homecomings, but everyone still had fun. They liked that they could go casual and not have to worry about buying a dress or a suit. Most of the people there wore just shorts and a t-shirt because who wants to get their nice clothes all sweaty from basketball and volleyball? They also really enjoyed the pizza they got before they went to the gym. Everyone seemed to enjoy homecoming, so what was their favorite thing about it?

Everyone had something different they liked about homecoming this year. However, almost everyone liked volleyball the best because it was intense and a lot of fun. Some liked playing basketball because they got to play it with their friends. A couple people said they liked dance, dance, revolution because they haven’t got a chance to play it for a long time and forgot how fun it was. 

Almost everyone there got a chance to play volleyball and win the grand prize of 5 dollars. The team of Bobby, Alex, Drew, Chevy, Brenna, and Preston won the volleyball tournament. They faced Corey, Brittney, Mickayla, Dakota, Kaitlin, and Marcus in the championship. They beat them in 3 sets with Bobby’s team winning the 1st, Corey’s team winning the 2nd set, and Bobby’s winning the 3rd. In the end, the volleyball tournament was a success.

This year’s homecoming was not the classic type of homecoming but still a great night. No one would have thought that just letting high schoolers play basketball, volleyball, and Dance, Dance, Revolution would lead to a successful homecoming! Many people had positive thoughts on it, had a favorite activity they did, and were entertained by the volleyball tournament. If the school was planning on having another homecoming like this years, I think everyone would give a thumbs up. It wasn’t your normal homecoming but that’s what made it a blast.


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