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Stop Teenage Vaping and Juuling!

Parents: Help Stop Teenage Vaping and Juuling!


Parents:   We're hearing about an increase in student use of vaping products including Juul which looks like a USB device and comes in flavors including mint, mango, fruit medley and creme brulee.  I'm sharing the following video and information for your awareness of these products.  I hope you will take the time to be on the look-out for these dangerously addictive products.

~Mr. Lecher


Please watch the following video.


New Teen Trend Called ‘Juuling’ Is Raising Parental Concerns


The flavored e-cigarettes with their trendy devices are luring teenagers into nicotine addiction without smoking a cigarette. The powerful dose of nicotine found in these products makes them extremely addictive.


“The tobacco industry is well aware that flavored tobacco products appeal to youth and has taken advantage of this by marketing them in a wide range of fruit and candy flavors. Their strategy is working too well, unfortunately,” - American Heart Association CEO, Nancy Brown


In reference to the rise in teenage use:  “These figures are particularly concerning because youth exposure to nicotine — whether it comes from a cigarette or an e-cigarette — affects the developing brain and may rewire it to be more susceptible to nicotine addiction in the future,” - FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb


Lyons-Decatur Northeast Public Schools student handbook addresses these products in the following way:  Possession, use or distribution of any tobacco product. Tobacco means any tobacco product (including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco), vapor products (such as e-cigarettes), alternative nicotine products, tobacco product look-alikes, and products intended to replicate tobacco products either by appearance or effect.

 Use or possession of any vapor product or alternative nicotine product is prohibited and will result in student suspension.